I want to binge so badly right now.

This city is so massive and there’s so much to do but I am overwhelmed and paralysed.

I want to give in. I want pepperoni pizza and garlic bread. And chocolate.



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  1. I woke up wanting to binge so badly today too! (I could reeeally eat a whole pan of cinnamon buns with frosting right now.) I can seemingly tell that on some days, I’m going to have to allow myself to eat a little more. Eating more than you usually would doesn’t necessarily mean you have to binge. Maybe you could go to one of those pizza places where you can take one slice to go as an extra treat?

      1. You’re doing the best you can, and when you feel ready to get back on track, you will. P.S. I had that cinnamon bun this morning and I feel satisfied. It’s okay to give in to the food sometimes, but never give in to the guilt!

      2. Kristen, I just saw this, but thank you! You’re very wise. I am not yet ready to try again. But I will be. Soon, I hope. I hope you’re going well 🙂

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