Day Two

Another day, another log!

I don’t intend to post every day about my experiences with the book, but I’ll certainly do regular updates. I’m logging faithfully and, tomorrow, I shall do my first weigh-in, as I forgot this morning. The first real test of the program will be when I get the first urge to binge. The deal is, you log everything you eat — including binges. I hope I won’t have to deal with that for a while. I hope the accountability will be a deterrent. It’s been so nice to eat normally again, and focus on cooking yummy, nutritious meals for myself. Before my most recent binges I had been doing the Dukan diet, which relies on ketosis. It works but it’s bloody hard, and is really not a good idea for a binge-eater. At least, it’s not a good idea for me. All those rules can make a girl crazy, and I have had enough revolting Dukan bake-fails to last a lifetime.

Today I had wanted to attend an eating-disorder support group for the first time, but I’d double-booked myself. I started an informal hula-hooping class last week, and it was on tonight, as well. I wanted to get along to that because the girls are lovely, and I want to make friends, and it’s fun. I’ll try to get to the support group next time, two weeks from now, if I can; I do think it would be helpful.

It was another good food day, if unorthodox: some leftover chicken stir-fry that my housemate gave me, some veg as snacks, an apple and an orange, lean ham, and a yummy mushroom quinoa risotto-type thing for dinner. Debating whether or not to allow myself a cupcake. I’m doing it again, I can tell — I say I’m focusing on eating normally, and I am, but my mind is going, “weight loss, weight loss, weight loss, weight loss.” I wish I knew how to stop it! I’ll ask my therapist, when I get one.

I’ll try to hit a yoga class tomorrow — I am so tense and anxious right now, I really need to relaaaaaaaax.


2 thoughts on “Day Two

  1. So happy to hear that you’re doing better! Keeping a food diary is essential to me. I find that it doesn’t serve as a deterrent, but it helps me get back on track much sooner after a binge.

    1. Thanks Kristen; I’m so glad it helps you, and I really appreciate hearing your perspective. I don’t know what to expect, as it’s still early days, but we shall see how things go. Even if I fall off the ol’ wagon, I’ll just log it and get back on again. I hope you’re going well too 🙂

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