Day three of my little self-directed nutritional reset. I feel good right now, if a little tired, just having breakfasted on paleo coconut “porridge” and a little steamed zucchini (in separate bowls). Strange combo, but I’m trying to eat as much veg as I can right now.

I have been tired at times since beginning the detox, but that’s to be expected. Yesterday I had a day off, which was alternately spent cooking, and watching cheesy yet oddly compelling reality TV on the couch. I forced myself to go for a 30 minute walk in the evening, and I felt better for it. Because I was cooking I felt a bit “foodie” and ate a little quinoa bread that I made, when I hadn’t wanted to touch it til after the detox. But that’s OK. As far as slip-ups go, that’s nothing.

I then slept for about 11 hours. Which is crazy. But I have changed my diet, and I am also still on pain meds, and healing from two broken bones. So if my body wants to sleep for 11 hours, I will let it.

Back to work today, then speed-flatmating tonight. Fingers crossed I find some amazing people to live with!


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