I write this in the queue at McDonald’s. I’m waiting to buy a McFlurry, which will probably be terrible and will definitely just make me fatter.

Clearly, I need to see another ED specialist psych because I am not getting anywhere. I am not even trying.


2 thoughts on “Hopeless

  1. I’m typing this comment after eating 3 Starbucks-sized (aka huge) chocolate cookies. Ugh. Right there with you. How many sessions have you had with your specialist?

    1. Aww Kristen. Solidarity! I don’t have a specialist here in England but I think I need to get one. I had one back in Aus but we mostly talked about feelings, i.e. the reasons I binge.
      I have just started seeing a new psychologist here, and I think we will go deep into the reasons and CBT to help me sort through some stuff I’ve never really dealt with. I think a specific ED counsellor could help with the eating side. So one would treat the cause, and the other the symptoms.

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