Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

Quick post. It’s nice to be blogging again, even if few people are reading. It’s just good to get it out. I have a lot to say, but now is not the time. Right now, I’m just capturing a moment.

I fancied chicken curry for dinner.  I bought it and wolfed down half of it. It was delicious and exactly what I felt like. The servings here are always enough for two meals but how comforting it was – the pillowy rice, the warming sauce. It would have been so easy to eat it all. But I didn’t. Just because you can eat it all, doesn’t mean you should. I have to step up and put everything I’ve learned into practice in the hard times, when it matters most. Reading about feeling my feelings is fine but it only works when you actually do it.

So I put my chopsticks down, and put the lid on the bowl. I’ll take the rest home.

I used to eat normally, without giving it a second thought. Will it ever be that easy again? Probably not. Oh well, fuck it. I’m OK.


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