Staying the course

20160419_084331Good morning!

I’m going to continue to write here but I’m not going to plug posts on my FB. I’ll just let people come here of their own accord, if they’re interested. The other way feels too attention-seeky.

Part of me tells myself that this whole situation is just silly and BED is stupid… “Here’s an idea, Marnie — just stop eating.” But I would never say that to someone else with an eating disorder. That’s just me being a jerk to myself, again.

I restarted the self-help course in the book Overcoming Binge Eating. It involves writing down every single thing I eat and drink (apart from water), in real time, and acompanying feelings, context etc. But then I stopped when I had a massive binge on the weekend and forgot to log what I ate. It’s hard to make logging a habit!

But I am hereby announcing that I have restarted. And this time I am going to finish. The course lasts for about six or so months. I am prone to becoming discouraged and giving up on things but I need to stick with this. It is important to me. It is going to help me change my life for the better. Here goes!



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