I’m so tired of pushing. So tired of trying to get my singing career started. So tired of being in this flabby body in which I am unhappy. I am also literally tired, physically tired, because it’s that time of the month and it drains my energy.

I can’t even be fully honest here, and I hate that. In my urge to share with others, I took away the anonymity of this little corner of the internet. But it’s better than nothing. It’s good enough for now.

I am struggling with envy right now. I want to be prolifically creative, financially successful and singing somewhere regularly. I don’t know how I get to these states. If I could choose, I’d go to bed right now, but there are things I need to do.

I’m sick of food right now. I feel chained to it and I hate that. I wish I could remove it and the need for it from my life. I want to curl up under the covers between clean sheets and sleep forever. I’m tired of pushing. I am so tired of pushing. I am tired.


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